WIP Wednesday: Plague Marines shambling along

I don’t do enough posts on Wednesday about what I’m working on. I’m hoping to change that. So here is a quick update on my Plague Marines. I’ve gotten just over half of them through the highlighting stage. That leaves four left. I’m pretty pleased with how they are progressing. I apologize for the bad lighting in these photos.

Plague Marines, second squad, halfway done

I did the champions first as I knew they would have the most diverse color palette. They also probably have the most detail. I knew I would invariably miss details as I tried to paint them in production line fashion. That gets to be time-consuming. So I figured I’d paint the most time-consuming models first to avoid any chance of fatigue or burn-out or whatever. It’s worked well so far!

Keeping the old scheme I’ve used for Plague Marines also helps. I think it’s a little less complex than what Citadel suggests. I’m fine with that. My main concern is doing the scheme well and staying consistent with the quality level. I’m hoping that’s also helping me pick up speed.

Plague Marines, second squad, closer look

I’m using part of this group of Plague Marines as part of a vow for the E TENEBRAE LUX VI event over at The Bolter and Chainsword forum. The event allows users to pledge units for painting, and completions earn points. Since the Plague Marines are the biggest part of my vow, I’ve got a feeling I’ll finish this year’s event on time.

Once I get all these done with highlights, I think I’ll use ‘Ard Coat again. It did a nice job of sealing up the last models I used it on, and I want to really protect these as well. Hopefully, I’ll have the highlights completed by the end of the weekend. Fingers crossed!

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