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It’s been a while since I posted. Part of the reason is because I started a new job, and other daily constraints have limited my time for hobby work. As such, time I would normally allot for posting has gone down. I’ve also had a couple other semi-hobby-related that have had my attention for the past two months (I’ll write about them in another post). Add to that the miserable rainy weather we’ve had in my neck of the woods, which means its to humid for priming. All that aside, I have finally completed my last Black Legion obliterator.

Black Legion obliterator squad

I used the same scheme (or at least fairly similar) for most of the model as I did for the two other obliterator models I have. My pot of Shining Gold is still liquid and usable, and I have close approximations of Boltgun Metal and Chainmail paints. The only formula I altered was the fleshy parts.

Now, I didn’t want the skin to look too different from the other models, but it’s been so long since I painted the others I also wasn’t sure I remembered correctly what I’d used. It has been at least 10 years. As well, colors like Scab Red, Tanned Flesh, and Elf Flesh are long gone. So I was having to start from scratch on the flesh.

Fortunately, GW (Citadel) does have a good progression of paints for making the half-ripped and highly viscous flesh covering the obliterators. I always start my Black Legion units primed black; it just makes things easier. On the primed coat, I put a couple of layers of Khorne Red. I did consider Mephiston Red, I think it has a slightly brighter hue. Khorne Red is closer to the old Scab Red. On top of that I put a generous side brushing of Bugman’s Glow. This caught pretty much all the raised areas while keeping the recesses dark red. Then I shaded the flesh areas with Carroburg Crimson. This really helped start the contrast.

The next two layers were dry brushes: a heavy one of Cadian Fleshtone, then a light one of Kislev Flesh. And, as the French word goes – Voy-Lay! The flesh on the new one is a bit different from the previous two models but not jarringly so. They still look like a cohesive unit. As such, I am pleased with the results.

I’m also pleased as this will bring my Black Legion force close to being pretty much all the same color scheme. My previous Black Legion armies have always included cult troops or Chaos vehicles with different paint schemes. I have a couple models to paint up for use as unit champions, and I need to build and paint a Chaos Rhino (I do have the model!). I’ll be working on those soon, and hopefully posting about my progress.

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