An update on my Black Legion squad

After traveling from one side of the state for Scout camping and to the other side of the state to see family, I’m finally back to working on my Black Legion squad. I actually did some more work on them between my last post and when I left this past weekend, but didn’t get around to posting. Anyway, here they are:

Black Legion, highlight update
More highlights done on these guys.

The main highlights here are to the gold on the armor and the weapons. I also did some highlights to other details on these models, such as horns and skin. All that’s really left is to do the grey highlights on the black armor plates and do the blue highlights on the power coils of the plasma guns. Everything else is pretty much done, I believe, sans the bases and water transfers.

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Slow going with the Black Legion squad

It’s taking longer to work on this squad and get it finished than I’d like. I was hoping to have it done before the weekend, as I’m going to be busy most of the weekend. I’m not sure that is going to pan out.

Black Legion squad, trims and details painted
More work done on the squad, with the various trims and other details on the model painted. Some washes have been started.

So far, I think things are going well for this squad. I usually try to follow an assembly line approach to painting squad-sized units, but that didn’t happen here (again!). Once I started work on the powerfist champion, I have to do more.

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Looking forward to the Black Legion update

Revised Black Legion supplement
“Alas, Brother-Captain Yorricus, I knew him….”

A quick post about the imminent release of the revised Black Legion supplement. I’m definitely getting it. It looks like the pre-order is sold out in the Games Workshop online store as of today, but I understand my local Games Workshop store will have some copies. So, yeah, it’s happening.

I’ve read the leaks online, and while the revision seems to be basically just the former supplement with new formations, I think it will be worth it. I like the formations for the most part, though I wish they’d done one with Obliterators as an option. But, right off, I can use several of the formations together with the models I already have painted. It’s not everything Chaos Space Marines should have, but it’s a step in the right direction with no countervailing backwards steps. I’m enthused.

I actually just sold my previous version to help fund the buy (which should be break-even; yay!). Yes, the revised version isn’t hardback with a dust cover, but then, I’m not a collector of the books. I’m also excited about some other things I’m hearing rumors about, but I’ll wait on that for another post.

Quick update on Black Legion squad

Just a quick update on the Black Legion squad. I’ve got some the base colors down on the trim and details. It’s slow going, as the past few days have been busy with real-life stuff.

Black Legion squad, base colors
Made some progress on the squad. Each is in a different stage of completion.

So, unlike my normal style, I haven’t stayed with the assembly line approach on these guys. I started it with the Chainmail trim painting, but then kind of wandered off the reservation when I got to the champion. The model has so much detail, relative to the other models. It’s amazing. I mean, I knew it was detailed when I put it together and stuff, but putting paint on it really brings it home.

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Working on a new (old) squad

With the bikers done, I’m kind of at a pause with my Khorne Daemonkin army. I mean, I could work on a Chaos Rhino that would have colors uniform to the army (I usually just toss in my Black Legion-schemed Rhino when I need it). But I think it’s better just to take a break from them for now. No need to rush into burnout, right?

Black Legion squad, early stage
Black Legion squad, early stage

Instead, I’m going to work on some models that have been sitting patiently on the shelf for a while now. Given the rumors of what is coming out in the next few weeks, I’ve decided to work on a squad intended to beef up my Black Legion force.

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