Return to the dinobots

Well, after completing my Call of Chaos vow, I went back to working on my Khorne Daemonkin units. In this case, it’s my two Maulerfiends. They were part of another painting challenge I failed to complete, but I’ve made headway now. One of them is just in the priming stage:

First Maulerfiend, primed

The other I have actually completed. You probably notice that the lasher tendrils are off the model above. If you remember from my last post about these guys, I magnetized the changeable components. You can probably even see part of the magnet in the socket there on the side. I have to say, I really am glad I took the time to magnetize these guys. From a painting perspective, it’s nice because there are areas that would be hard to get to with a brush, but that are still very much visible. Being able to remove intervening parts has been really convenient.

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“The true power is here!” – Sorcerer complete!

I finished up the last bit of work on my Black Legion Sorcerer the other day. I’m glad to have this one finished now:

Sorcerer, complete, front
“I understand more than you could possibly know….”

The base was done in pretty much the same fashion as I did the Chaos Lord, though I did have a little trouble with the tufts this time. Not sure if I was tired or what, but I ended up ruining two of them. Hopefully the layer of ‘Ard Coat I put on this guy with hold up and prevent paint chips from occurring. It’s always tricky that way with metal models.

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Quick update: Working on a Black Legion Chaos Sorcerer

Though I’ve been quiet here for a few days, I have been working on a couple projects. One of them is a Black Legion Chaos Sorcerer that is the second part of my Call of Chaos vow. I think I’m enjoying the challenge more this time. Probably because it looks like I’m actually going to finish the vow!

Sorcerer, in progress, front

So this is an old Chaos Sorcerer miniature, one of the metal ones. I actually have a couple of these models. With the increased power the Sorcerers have due to the new supplements, and the ability to take several of them, thanks to the formations, I figured it was a good time to paint them up.

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Black Legion Chaos Lord finished!

Bad weather meant no outside activities, so I was able to finish up work on my Black Legion Chaos Lord yesterday. That completes half my vow for the Call of Chaos challenge. I’m very pleased with how he turned out:

Black Legion Chaos Lord, completed, front

I, of course, went for the Goblin Green base trim. Though I did actually paint the ballast on the base and add highlights. I figure, even if I don’t ever go back and paint up the bases on my other Black Legion units, it’s fine for this guy’s base to stand out as he’s a headquarters unit. And, he’s already got the larger base.

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Quick update: Chaos Lord

I’m making progress on my Call of Chaos vow. My Black Legion Chaos Lord is getting near the finish line, and I’m pleased with how he’s turning out.

Black Legion Chaos Lord, near completion, front
“Almost there….”

The Dark Vengeance model has some pretty intricate detail. At the same time, so of the details are fused to other parts of the model in weird ways. For example, the claws on the pelt draped over his back. Other models in the Dark Vengeance set have similar issues, where one piece is connected to another completely different piece (again, e.g., the plasma gun of the biker fused to the shoulder guard). That said, it has been a challenge to decide how to tackle some of the details. I took inspiration from the GW pictures of the studio Kranon model. But other details, I tried my own color scheme.

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