Working on new model: Skull Cannon of Khorne

First off, Happy Independence Day for those folks in the former 13 colonies!

It’s been far too long since I last posted. Even without the posting, I’ve been working on some more models. I’m once again entered into a modeling/painting challenge over at the Bolter and Chainsword. This time, I’m in the E Tenebrae Lux V competition. We’ll see if I can actually finish anything.

Assembled Skull Cannon.
Assembled Skull Cannon.

So first up is this Skull Cannon of Khorne. I’ve been wanting to add one of these to my Khorne Daemonkin army as a reserve unit I’ll summon off Blood Tithe points. One thing about this model is that the standard way of putting it together makes it hard to store. I modified mine to make it easier to put in foam.

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Black Legion squad is finished!

Well, I have the bases finished, the transfers on them, and I used ‘ard Coat and Lahmian Medium to seal them up and take the shine off. Now these Black Legion fellas are ready to join the Black Crusade against the False Corpse Emperor and his weak, mewling servants!

Done Black Legion squad, Black Legion iconsI was not super pleased with how the Black Legion transfers look. The print quality of them was not great, and I now wish I had found a different sheet with a better printing. That said, they went on fairly easily. The Chaos Stars, I think, look better:

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Dawn of War III trailer is stunning

There is really very little else I can say other than: Wow! The Dawn of War III trailer is amazing. Among other things, I really love how all the walkers move and the interpretation of how wraithbone looks is astounding. Take a look for yourself:

No game play shots here, but I’m very impressed otherwise. There have been a few game play shots leaked, and I think they look pretty solid. I’m excited for the return of base building and large squads to the franchise. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be as awesome as it looks right now.

Nearly done with my Black Legion squad

Work has continued on my Black Legion squad, and I’m nearing the finish line. I’m satisfied with how they are turning out. It’s not my best work, but I have experimented with my Black Legion paint scheme with them. Fair warning, this post will be picture heavy:

Black Legion, champion and old marine
The squad champion and a bolter CSM.

The first pair here are one of the Chosen models from the Dark Vengeance set (which I will use as an aspiring champion)  and a Chaos Space Marine from the mid-1990s. The difference in detail on the models is pretty striking. There is just so much more detail on the newer models!

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An update on my Black Legion squad

After traveling from one side of the state for Scout camping and to the other side of the state to see family, I’m finally back to working on my Black Legion squad. I actually did some more work on them between my last post and when I left this past weekend, but didn’t get around to posting. Anyway, here they are:

Black Legion, highlight update
More highlights done on these guys.

The main highlights here are to the gold on the armor and the weapons. I also did some highlights to other details on these models, such as horns and skin. All that’s really left is to do the grey highlights on the black armor plates and do the blue highlights on the power coils of the plasma guns. Everything else is pretty much done, I believe, sans the bases and water transfers.

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