WIP Wednesday: Plague Marine highlights done

Well it’s been a busy week, but here I am posting on a Wednesday again! I was able to finish up the highlights on my Plague Marine squad. They are really close to being done now.

Plague Marines, second squad, highlights

Thankfully, the highlights were pretty uniform. I think I might do these guys in smaller chunks in the future. Say like four or five at a time. One of the things I did was to use the blue glaze I’ve used on the plasma power coils for the lenses on some of the Plague Marines.  This is in line with my older models where I used layer of blue to gem the eye lenses. I wanted to try something different here, and I think it worked. It’s not quite as striking as the gem effect, but it still works.

The last bits of work on these models will be the bases and the varnish. That should go pretty quick, as the bases are all pretty much uniform, and I already know the paint recipe I want to use. I’ll be using ‘Ardcoat again for the varnish, though I might go a little thinner to see if I can cut down a little more on the gloss. Once this squad is done, I’ll just need to create four more Plague Marines and I’ll have the three squads I run in my Death Guard army.

Nurgle Chaos Spawn, just starting

Another model I’ll be working – actually I’m already working on it – is a Nurgle Chaos Spawn. I’m going to try some techniques with shade paints on the skin. I want to see if I can improve my transitions at the blended areas. We’ll see if I can pull it off.

I’ll update more as I finish things. Thanks for visiting!

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