WIP Wednesday: Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad completed

So these guys are done. I know that means this is less of a “work-in-progress” post. But this group of Chaos Space Marines, who are for now in my Khorne Daemonkin army, I think deserves a final “work-in-progress” post.

Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad, completed, front

Throughout the highlight stage of this squad I considered doing a highlight of brighter red on the armor plates. As I finished up the other highlights, however, I became less and less enamored of the idea. Given that I had some good contrast on the red parts anyway, thanks to the wash, and there were plenty of highlights on the trim, weapons, and other paraphernalia, I decided to not worry about it. Continue reading “WIP Wednesday: Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad completed”

Completed: Khorne-marked Rhino

So I finished up this one the other day, but hadn’t posted about it yet. In my last post about this Khorne-marked Chaos Space Marines Rhino, I think I was actually like at 95 percent done. I just needed to add some highlights to the gunner and havoc launcher.

Khorne Rhino completed, front angle

Looking at it all together, I really like how this Rhino came out. A lot of that has to do with the trim kit from The Dark Works. The kit just adds that little bit of flair to really push it into the Chaos aesthetic, especially for something in the Khorne Daemonkin or World Eater vein.

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New Khorne Kids In Town… a new Chaos Space Marines squad

For the most part, all the regular Chaos Space Marines units I’ve ever built have gone right into Black Legion colors. Cult troops (Khorne Berzerkers, Plague Marines, etc.) got their cult army colors, but my regular Chaos Space Marines – including transposable units like Chaos Bikers and Havocs – all were painted in Black Legion colors. There were two reasons for this. First, Black Legion was my first Chaos Space Marine force, and my first Warhammer 40,000 army to boot. Second, the Black Legion fluff always indicated that some units could be open to operating with other CSM factions. So if I wanted Nurgle-marked marines that were not Plague Marines in my Death Guard force, I rolled in some of my Black Legionnaires. I did this even in the more WYSIWYG editions with no problem. However, when I started my Khorne Daemonkin force, I decided to do up some Chaos Bikers in the red-and-gold getup. And after playing some games using my Black Legion guys as Khorne-marked CSM, I started to get the feeling that the guys in black and gold looked out of place. I really wanted a more uniform looking force. So I decided I’d put together some CSM and paint ’em up the same as the rest of my Khorne Daemonkin army.

Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad, unprimed
“Hey! He said spikes, give him spikes!”

And now I’ve finally started that process. Yes, even though the Khorne Daemonkin might cease to exist as an army, I should still be able to use the models. But, I’m hoping to have them all painted up before the next edition drops. You can see the assembled models above. The careful observer will note that I have three of the snap-fit Chaos Space Marines included in this squad. I had them laying around in the box of unbuilt models and figured, like Jack Burton says, “what the hell?” Another thing the careful observer will note is that there are two distinct shades of grey plastic on those models. Yep, that’s right. Some of those kits have been sitting in my box since pre-2007, which is when I think the CSM sprue got updated and the sprues came in a darker color.

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