Completed: Khorne-marked Rhino

So I finished up this one the other day, but hadn’t posted about it yet. In my last post about this Khorne-marked Chaos Space Marines Rhino, I think I was actually like at 95 percent done. I just needed to add some highlights to the gunner and havoc launcher.

Khorne Rhino completed, front angle

Looking at it all together, I really like how this Rhino came out. A lot of that has to do with the trim kit from The Dark Works. The kit just adds that little bit of flair to really push it into the Chaos aesthetic, especially for something in the Khorne Daemonkin or World Eater vein.

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Rhino for the Blood God

So, I’m not the most frequent blog poster. In fact, I should probably do better with that. But in the meantime, I’ve been working on my Chaos Space Marine Rhino for my Khorne Daemonkin. I know, I know – why am I doing anything with KDK as it looks like they may not translate to 8th edition? I’m actually hoping to get the army finished before the new edition actually drops. And one of the three units left is nearing completion.

Khorne Daemonkin Rhino

Here I’ve used what has become my standard Khorne Daemonkin paint colors. Even my method is pretty formalized. The one change is that after the Nuln Oil wash, I used another thin coat of Evil Sunz Scarlet. I think it works well on the more standard vehicles vehicles, which have more flat surface area. Just leaving the scarlet coated with the wash was too dark. I also did some edge highlighting with the Wild Rider Red.

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Adding to my Khorne Daemonkin army

So it’s been a couple months with no posts. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on stuff. But I have slowed down just a bit. I am working on a couple different projects, one of which is a Rhino for my Khorne Daemonkin. I’ve decided to stop using my Black Legion Rhino for my Daemonkin army and paint one up in Khornate colors.

As you can see, I’ve put the model together an primed it. At first glance, it probably doesn’t look like much. But look closer. See the trim? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I ordered a couple Chaos Rhino trim kits from The Dark Works in the fall, and decided to use one on the Khornate Rhino. This kit is the “Mk. II” set. I think the extra gold trim will really make the model pop, looking much better than the otherwise mundane red.

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