Completed: Khorne-marked Rhino

So I finished up this one the other day, but hadn’t posted about it yet. In my last post about this Khorne-marked Chaos Space Marines Rhino, I think I was actually like at 95 percent done. I just needed to add some highlights to the gunner and havoc launcher.

Khorne Rhino completed, front angle

Looking at it all together, I really like how this Rhino came out. A lot of that has to do with the trim kit from The Dark Works. The kit just adds that little bit of flair to really push it into the Chaos aesthetic, especially for something in the Khorne Daemonkin or World Eater vein.

Khorne Rhino completed, back

The trim also keeps the gunner’s armor and the havoc launcher from sticking out and becoming the focal point of an otherwise plain vehicle. I think that is one of the drawbacks of the current kit – the optional bits can sort of look out of place. I’m honestly somewhat surprised that GW hasn’t really addressed this given how long this kit has been around. Yes, Forgeworld had some options, but that was about it, and expensive if you weren’t in the U.K. On the other hand, this does present an opportunity for third-party bits makers.

Khorne Rhino completed, side

I know some folks might say “hey, they do give you the Chaos spikey bits sprue,” but I’ve felt for a while that sprue is uninspired. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s good to include in the kit. I’ve used the spikes and chains and daemon-warped panels on other vehicles. However, I’ve always thought those bits were more of a stop-gap, a fill-in for something more elaborate. I thought about using some of the chains and spikes when I built this Rhino, but for me the trim kit just worked better. No need to over do it, even on a Chaos model.

As for the painting, I don’t think I mentioned in the last post that I used the P3 Blighted Gold paint on all the gold parts of this model. Then I used Nuln Oil to darken and Liberator Gold for the gold highlights. I think that combo worked again, and I will continue to stick with it. For the final seal, I used some Testors Dull Cote spray which always seems to give me good results.

I can’t wait to get this on the board with the other squad of CSM I’m working on. Hopefully, I’ll get in at least one last game with my Khorne Daemonkin before 8th edition drops.

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