Quick update: Plague Marines

I’m just doing a quick update here. I’ve been busy with my second squad of plastic Plague Marines since I finished my Warp Talons. The squad is now painted up with all the base colors and I’m starting in on the shading. Here’s how the Plague Marines looked the other day:

Plague Marines, second squad, base colors

These guys continue to impress me with the amount of detail. The problem is that I keep having to go back as I block in the base colors because I find I keep missing this or that little detail with a color I thought I was finished with. This has added some time to the painting process, but I want to get them looking as good as I can. There is quite a diversity among the Plague Marines as far as their armor goes. I did use a lot of the same helmets – I did that without even thinking about it.

I’m keeping the color scheme from my old Death Guard Plague Marines in that I’m using Camouflage Green for the armor plates and Plate Mail Metal on the trims. These are approximations for the old Citadel colors of Camo Green and Chainmail, respectively. I’m also using Hammered Copper on the boltgun casings and other minor details. Again, that color is a stand-in for Beaten Copper from the discontinued Citadel range. I think the new colors do a pretty good job.

In this batch, I did less thinning of the colors, and I think the look is actually okay. We’ll see once the shades get on the models. Looking forward to getting these guys finished, hopefully in the next week.

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