More models for the Konor campaign

This week I wasn’t able to get a game in for the Konor campaign, but I was able to finish two Chaos psyker models to add points to Chaos at the local store. This actually helped get the score close to even at the shop. A few last minute completions from other folks help win the local GW for Chaos. Previously, I’d posted some pics of the Black Legion sorcerer. Here are some shots of the completed Malignant Plaguecaster:

This was an interesting model. I’ve used the same painting process I’m using on the rest of my Plague Marine squad from the Dark Imperium box, and the same I used on the Noxious Blightbringer. The one different here from the Blightbringer is that I used purple for the robes – in this case: Naggaroth Night, shaded with Druchii Violet, then layered with Xereus Purple. I’d have done a final layer of Genestealer Purple, but none of the local shops had it in stock.

One thing I will say is that I may in the future start using the Blood for the Blood God technical paint on exposed guts for my Plague Marines. I like how the bloated flesh came out well enough on the Malignant Plaguecaster, but I would like to give it that little extra flair to really push the diseased, decaying Nurgle aesthetic. And given what’s coming, I feel I’ll get plenty of opportunity to experiment.

For now, I’m concentrating on painting whatever I have on the shelf to help the forces of Chaos in the Konor campaign. And next up, I’m going to be doing a squad of Warp Talons. This week’s featured units are Flyers and Fast Attack choices. I’m hoping to finish them for the bonus points.

Warp Talons, built

I’m going to be painting them up in Black Legion colors. While this unit has been underwhelming the last couple of editions, I think I will be able to create some synergies with some of my other Black Legion units. Particularly, the sorcerers. The models themselves are pretty cool, so I can’t wait to get some paint on them. We’ll see how speedy I can be, as I’ll actually have to paint five models this week.

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