Progressing with Dark Angels

The past week involved a vacation away from home, but I was able to take my Dark Angels and some paints. I carved out some time to work on them in the evenings. Progress was slow, but steady. As such, I was able to get nearly all the models base-coated. Here’s how they stand now:

Dark Angels, first squad, base-coated

I’m using many of the same paints Duncan Rhodes suggests in his tutorials. I want to use his basic scheme, and then build on it with highlights and detailing. I think I’ll be able to come away with something good, and I might generate some ideas for experiments as I’m building this Dark Angels army. That said, here are the differences between what I’m doing and the tutorial videos.

First, I’m using Vallejo Game Color Dark Green as my armor base coat. It’s a decent paint and definitely of a different consistency and pigment saturation than the Citadel colors. I’ve found that my preference for the VGC paints is somewhat hit or miss. Some I like better than the Citadel version; others I find to be inferior to the Citadel version. With this green, I’m not so sure. The paint does seem to require more work than the Citadel version. But I didn’t have access to any thinner medium, so I could only dilute it with water while I was away. Sometimes these VGC paints really need that thinner medium to flow properly. I also used the VGC Dead White and that one definitely needs the medium

Second, I’m going to use more shades than just the Nuln Oil. I plan to use the Agrax Earthshade on the bone and parchment pieces. I think the brownish color will look better as a shade for those pieces.

Lastly, as you can see, they are on cork pieces. I won’t be doing the bases as in the tutorial because I have Imperial Sector bases set aside for them.

Also, I’m going to do the eye pieces in my normal sequence, which means they will be just about last. I am using the Khorne Red, Leadbelcher, and Zandri Dust in the appropriate places. I’m also going to get and use a pot of Gehenna’s Gold. I’ve not used that one yet, and I’m interested in seeing how I like that color.

I hope to have some further progress in the next few days. We’ll see how things pan out, what with the upcoming release of 8th edition and all.

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