“The true power is here!” – Sorcerer complete!

I finished up the last bit of work on my Black Legion Sorcerer the other day. I’m glad to have this one finished now:

Sorcerer, complete, front
“I understand more than you could possibly know….”

The base was done in pretty much the same fashion as I did the Chaos Lord, though I did have a little trouble with the tufts this time. Not sure if I was tired or what, but I ended up ruining two of them. Hopefully the layer of ‘Ard Coat I put on this guy with hold up and prevent paint chips from occurring. It’s always tricky that way with metal models.

Sorcerer, complete, rear

I didn’t really step outside my comfort zone when painting this guy. Part of that may have been that I was worried about completing the Call of Chaos challenge, and didn’t want to have any screw-ups that might cause me to have to do part or all of it over. As it was, everything turned out fine. It’ll be interesting fielding him on the table, as I usually field my daemon princes as the Chaos Space Marine psykers.

My next project will be to get back to my Maulerfiends. One is near completion, the other is just begun. Hopefully the same speed I had here will be had for them.

As always, thanks for reading!

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