Black Legion Chaos Lord finished!

Bad weather meant no outside activities, so I was able to finish up work on my Black Legion Chaos Lord yesterday. That completes half my vow for the Call of Chaos challenge. I’m very pleased with how he turned out:

Black Legion Chaos Lord, completed, front

I, of course, went for the Goblin Green base trim. Though I did actually paint the ballast on the base and add highlights. I figure, even if I don’t ever go back and paint up the bases on my other Black Legion units, it’s fine for this guy’s base to stand out as he’s a headquarters unit. And, he’s already got the larger base.

The level of detail on this guy was pretty insane compared to other Chaos Space Marine troopers. While I like that from an aesthetic standpoint, it does gives some headaches when painting. Basically, I have to be even more careful than usual which translates to longer painting times per model. Yes, I’d like to see an updated and more detailed Chaos Space Marine kit whenever Games Workshop gets around to updating the line. At the same time, I know that will mean more work per unit.

Well, enough of my rambling. Here’s some more pictures of the completed model:

One other thing on the base; I used a couple of the Citadel tufts instead of my green static grass. I think it worked well on this model as even with the bigger base area, space was kind of hard to find between the feet, cape, and sword. While I wish they were greener, I do like how the fibers really stand up, giving a much more bushy or weedy look to the tuft.

Something I thought about doing, but decided against for this model, was trying out one of the Citadel technical paints for the tiny globes on either end of the sword’s cross-guard. Instead I stuck with the more artificial gem technique. The examples I’ve seen of the technical paints look like an interesting alternative to traditional gemming, but I get the sense a little practice with them will be necessary to get them right.

As always, thank you for reading!

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