First game with Traitor Legions supplement: Death Guard

So this game happened a while back, in fact it was the weekend the Traitor Legions supplement came out. I, like many of my Chaos Space Marine-playing brethren, was chomping at the bit to get this supplement. The promise of new rules and formations to give us a proximate rendering on the table top of the original nine was something a lot of us had been awaiting. For me, especially exciting was the ability to run a Death Guard force. With the new book in hand (and a little bit of pre-release intel), I now needed to try it out.

My first victim… err… opponent was a young gentleman at the local Games Workshop store. He was interested in running his 30K Alpha Legion army, to which I agreed. I’d never seen a 30K army in action, so I figured, why not? I even took some not-so-great pictures, which are below the fold. Continue reading “First game with Traitor Legions supplement: Death Guard”

Finishing a neglected unit: Plaguebearers of Nurgle

I’m one of those folks who have more miniatures boxes than they have time to assemble. Time for hobbying is scant, unfortunately, but I always end up getting that next unit before I’m finished with my backlog. In some cases, this has led to the neglect of units for years. And it’s not just assembling them; many a time I’ve left a unit in some intermediate stage of painting for months, or even years. Such is the case with these Plaguebearers of Nurgle.

A completed unit of Plague Bearers, via the "dip" method.
A completed unit of Plague Bearers, via the “dip” method.

This unit was purchased not too long after GW brought out the five-model box of Plaguebearers, as I needed them for what I was sure to be a Daemon army. As such, I wanted them to be in the same style as my other Nurgle stuff, so I was planning to use the dip method. It was a great way to buzz through line troops when you were putting together an army. However, the models instead did a lot of extended sitting. First these guys sat with a primer coat. Then they sat for a time with just basecoats. Eventually, I got around to dipping them, and then they sat again. Finally, this past weekend, I put on a dry-brush layer of highlight and did basing, and now they are finished.

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