Adding to my Khorne Daemonkin army

So it’s been a couple months with no posts. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on stuff. But I have slowed down just a bit. I am working on a couple different projects, one of which is a Rhino for my Khorne Daemonkin. I’ve decided to stop using my Black Legion Rhino for my Daemonkin army and paint one up in Khornate colors.

As you can see, I’ve put the model together an primed it. At first glance, it probably doesn’t look like much. But look closer. See the trim? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I ordered a couple Chaos Rhino trim kits from The Dark Works in the fall, and decided to use one on the Khornate Rhino. This kit is the “Mk. II” set. I think the extra gold trim will really make the model pop, looking much better than the otherwise mundane red.

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Quick painting update: Maulerfiend

I’m making progress on my other Maulerfiend and I now have all the base coats on. This phase of painting is the one I always feel is the longest, just because I end up having to go back and make so many corrections with paint going to places I didn’t intend.

First Maulerfiend, with base coats

With this one, I feel I was able to improve my technique a bit. That may sound strange from someone who’s been at this for so long (13 years, off and on), but my basing technique has always been a little slapdash, especially when thinning the paints.

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Return to the dinobots

Well, after completing my Call of Chaos vow, I went back to working on my Khorne Daemonkin units. In this case, it’s my two Maulerfiends. They were part of another painting challenge I failed to complete, but I’ve made headway now. One of them is just in the priming stage:

First Maulerfiend, primed

The other I have actually completed. You probably notice that the lasher tendrils are off the model above. If you remember from my last post about these guys, I magnetized the changeable components. You can probably even see part of the magnet in the socket there on the side. I have to say, I really am glad I took the time to magnetize these guys. From a painting perspective, it’s nice because there are areas that would be hard to get to with a brush, but that are still very much visible. Being able to remove intervening parts has been really convenient.

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Starting another painting challenge – two CSM HQ units

I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ve entered this year’s Call of Chaos over at the Bolter & Chainsword. This will be the third CoC I’ve entered, with my previous two ending in failures. Third time’s the charm, right? This time, though, I’ve taken on a much smaller vow; two HQ units: a Chaos Lord and a Chaos Sorcerer.

Sorcerer and Chaos Lord, primed
“The true power is here….”

So basically, two small models. Yes they are more detailed than other line troops for Chaos, but that should mean I’ll get them done within the time frame of the challenge. The Chaos Lord model is from the Dark Vengeance set. I modified him slightly by giving him a bolt pistol. The other is one of the older metal Sorcerer models. I really wish Games Workshop would come out with a multiple option, plastic, power armor Sorcerer kit. I’d think such a kit would sell well, especially given the number of formations in which Chaos Space Marines players can include a Sorcerer. But I digress. I have actually made some headway on the Chaos Lord.

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Review: Eccentric Miniatures 25mm-to-32mm base adapters

Raptors with adapters
Old Chaos Raptors with base adapters added

With the ongoing shift in base sizes for Warhammer 40,000 armies in power armor, those of us with older armies face a bit of a dilemma; do we pull our marine models off their old 25mm bases and glue them on new 32mm bases, or do we continue to play with models with the smaller bases, even as we add new models with the new, larger base size? And what of older, metal models in our collection that went into slotted bases. You can’t just rip them off the old base and glue them to a new base. Well, not easily at any rate.

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