Updates on completions for Death Guard

So I’ve been involved much less than I’d like in the Konor campaign. I’ve been enjoying it, even though the result might be a foregone conclusion. Games Workshop has done an excellent job on the campaign website and I’m fortunate enough to live near a couple stores that have player bases that are actively engaged in the campaign. But the Konor campaign isn’t really the point of this post. I realized that I hadn’t posted an update on my Foetid Bloat-drone in my past couple of entries, and I have updates on other models. Well, here goes.

I’m pretty pleased with how the Foetid Bloat-drone came out. I’m glad I still had some stuff left from my Citadel Warhammer 40,000 basing materials kit. Sadly, those are out of print. But the stuff I scrounged from it makes the base look good. I couldn’t resist painting the damaged Space Marine helmet in Ultramarine colors. For the Bloat-drone itself, I followed the basic recipe you get from Duncan on Warhammer TV for the Lord of Contagion. I’m liking how the Rakarth Flesh -> Druchii Violet -> Pallid Wych Flesh comes out. I’ll certainly use that series on the rest of my Death Guard models for flesh and tentacles. I also like how the optical sensor came out and glad I left that until last.

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First Dark Angels pass the finish line

It’s been a couple weeks. I’ve kept my Dark Angels moving through the painting process and now I have a full group of them painted, as well as the company commander. Well, I am missing the appropriate sergeant, but more on him later. As it stands, I have nine Dark Angels done and the company commander. I was able to get the proper paint color for doing the highlighting. I still ended up with a Tron-like effect, but it’s much more muted.

First completed Dark Angels squad

One thing I need to work on is the edge highlighting technique. The lines on these minis are a bit inconsistent in the width. I think I’m also going to scale back the number of edges I highlight from “darn near everything” to a more reasonable level. Looking back over the minis and thinking about it, probably not every line I did needed to have a highlight. Still, it looks pretty good from a table-top eye view – as in the distance your eye normally would be over them minis if you were playing a game.

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WIP Wednesday: Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad completed

So these guys are done. I know that means this is less of a “work-in-progress” post. But this group of Chaos Space Marines, who are for now in my Khorne Daemonkin army, I think deserves a final “work-in-progress” post.

Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad, completed, front

Throughout the highlight stage of this squad I considered doing a highlight of brighter red on the armor plates. As I finished up the other highlights, however, I became less and less enamored of the idea. Given that I had some good contrast on the red parts anyway, thanks to the wash, and there were plenty of highlights on the trim, weapons, and other paraphernalia, I decided to not worry about it. Continue reading “WIP Wednesday: Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad completed”

Completed: Khorne-marked Rhino

So I finished up this one the other day, but hadn’t posted about it yet. In my last post about this Khorne-marked Chaos Space Marines Rhino, I think I was actually like at 95 percent done. I just needed to add some highlights to the gunner and havoc launcher.

Khorne Rhino completed, front angle

Looking at it all together, I really like how this Rhino came out. A lot of that has to do with the trim kit from The Dark Works. The kit just adds that little bit of flair to really push it into the Chaos aesthetic, especially for something in the Khorne Daemonkin or World Eater vein.

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Maulerfiend finished!

I actually finished up this Khorne Daemonkin Maulerfiend a couple of days ago, but real life intruded, as it often does. Also, free time since my last post was in short supply so I used what free time I had to actually finish work on the model rather than post updates. That said, the second dino-bot is finished:

The only difference with this model is I haven’t painted the alternative magnetized pieces for the Forgefiend yet.

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