Slow but steady progress

Well, it was an avalanche of real life that kept my painting to a minimum this week. That happens more than I’d like. Still, I was able to get some work done on my Khorne biker squad. Highlighting always seems to take the longest for me, just because I end up making more mistakes in that phase than any other phase of painting. That always means corrections, which are time consuming and really don’t advance the ball, so to speak. Anyway, here’s where we are:

Khorne bikers in progress
Khorne bikers are moving toward completion.

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The current project: Khorne bikers


My Khorne bikers, base-coated and starting highlights.
My Khorne bikers, base-coated and starting highlights.

I’m in the process of finishing out my Khorne Daemonkin army. Right now, it sits at around the 1200 mark, depending on what I leave out for summoning later. I could probably get close to 1500 with it, but I have an old-style Bloodthirster I always leave out for summoning.

This squad of bikers I’m adding to complete my Gore Pack formation. The other squad is kitted out just like this one, but with these bikers, I decided to use some more regular Chaos Space Marine components when putting them together. Also, I’ve magnetized one of the Biker Champion’s arms, in case I want to add a power weapon, or some other option, later. Yeah, I know it’s not a rule anymore, but I still prefer to go by WYSIWYG.

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