Death Guard reinforcements incoming – and the advent of 8th edition.

It seems that just about every blog out there involving Warhammer 40,000 has had something to say about the release of 8th edition. I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Since the release is just a few hours away, now seems like the perfect time for a procrastinator like me to say something. Here are a few quick thoughts.

First off, as someone who’s been a long-time Death Guard player and collector (since 3rd edition), the fact that the new starter box includes them has me giddy! While I’m probably one of the few players on the planet who still likes the old Death Guard models, I’m pleased to see the supplicants of Father Nurgle get an update. I haven’t seen anything confirmed yet, but it looks like from some of the teaser videos that a Death Guard Plague Marine multi-part kit is also on the horizon. So, looks like GW won’t pull another Dark Vengeance with the CSM faction and leave the starter box models as exclusive to the set.

Death Guard, pre-8th edition
Patiently awaiting reinforcements….

Second from what I’ve seen, I like most of the rules for the Death Guard. I’m glad the kept a Feel-No-Pain type rule that’s even a little more useful than it was in 7th edition. I like that my Forge World Death Guard dreadnought… err… Helbrute and Chaos Land Raider will be officially Death Guard units again. I like that the army is getting a few new specific units like the Pox Walkers, the Bloat Drone, and the Plague caster.  It’s also pretty cool that the troops can take up to three plasma guns in a squad, thanks to the new load-out available to the Plague Marine champion.

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Progressing with Dark Angels

The past week involved a vacation away from home, but I was able to take my Dark Angels and some paints. I carved out some time to work on them in the evenings. Progress was slow, but steady. As such, I was able to get nearly all the models base-coated. Here’s how they stand now:

Dark Angels, first squad, base-coated

I’m using many of the same paints Duncan Rhodes suggests in his tutorials. I want to use his basic scheme, and then build on it with highlights and detailing. I think I’ll be able to come away with something good, and I might generate some ideas for experiments as I’m building this Dark Angels army. That said, here are the differences between what I’m doing and the tutorial videos.

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Enter the Dark Angels

I’ve been a Chaos player and painter in Warhammer 40,000 for a long time now. I started with Chaos Space Marines in third edition, and when Chaos Daemons were split off and given their own codex, I had enough to field a small force of them. I can’t quite say exclusively, because I did start a Crimson Fists force several years ago, but only got a 10-man tactical squad and an HQ unit finished. But after finishing the last squad in my Khorne Daemonkin army, I decided it was time to give loyalists another shot. So here we are:

Dark Angels, first squad, primedThese, of course, are some of the Dark Angels models from the soon-to-be outmoded Dark Vengeance set. This is the squad I had been thinking about starting this force for a while now. With the advent of 8th edition, and having my previous armies in a state of “completion,” I figured it was a good time to dive back in to the Imperial end of the pool.

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WIP Wednesday: Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad completed

So these guys are done. I know that means this is less of a “work-in-progress” post. But this group of Chaos Space Marines, who are for now in my Khorne Daemonkin army, I think deserves a final “work-in-progress” post.

Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad, completed, front

Throughout the highlight stage of this squad I considered doing a highlight of brighter red on the armor plates. As I finished up the other highlights, however, I became less and less enamored of the idea. Given that I had some good contrast on the red parts anyway, thanks to the wash, and there were plenty of highlights on the trim, weapons, and other paraphernalia, I decided to not worry about it. Continue reading “WIP Wednesday: Khorne Daemonkin CSM squad completed”