Against the heirs of Sanguinius

Well, I was able to get in a game yesterday at the local Games Workshop store. It was a pick-up game at 1,500 points, with my Khorne Daemonkin against Blood Angels. This was the first time I’d faced Blood Angels since they got the new codex. It was a fun game.

"Maybe he won't find me here...."
“Maybe he won’t find me here….”

I was able to run a Bloodhost Detatchment, with a Gorepack, Soul Grinder (War Engine), and a Slaughtercult, with an attached basic Bloodthirster. The Slaughtercult was made up of a Lord on a Juggernaut, a squad of Berzerkers, a squad of Bloodletters, a squad of Chaos Space Marines with a Rhino, and a squad of Possessed. My opponent ran a couple of assault squads with jump packs, a Death Company squad with jump packs with an attached chaplain, a Sanguinary Guard squad, in which a Sanguinary Priest was attached, a couple full tactical squads in drop pods, and a Furioso Dreadnought in a drop pod.

We played a Contact Lost scenario with a Dawn of War setup. The board was an urban table. It was a good, close game, but I was able to pull a couple of easy objectives in the last couple turns and walk away with the win. That said, I was able to chew through just about all the opposing forces leaving only two drop pods and the dreadnought on the table. So, I was pretty pleased with how my Khorne Daemonkin performed, even though I completely forgot to take advantage of my formations’ special rules.

One thing I do know is that at this points level, I really need to have some stuff together to summon. I need to put together my daemon prince and skull cannon, as well as my Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage. That’ll leave my basic Bloodthirster for summoning. An additional squad of bloodletters would also probably help. I’m also going to be adding a maulerfiend or two.

I feel confident the Daemonkin can do well against assault armies. But against shooty armies, I don’t know. We’ll see. Hopefully I’ll be able to play again soon. And next time, I’ll try to take more pictures and do a proper battle report.

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