Warp Talons enter the Black Legion

I was able to finish my unit of Warp Talons and get them varnished. I have to say, while the detailed Chaos Space Marine models look very cool, they also take quite some time to paint thanks to that same detail. It’s a bit of work in getting models like this done. That said, I’m pleased with how these Warp Talons turned out.

Warp Talons, completed

The Blighted Gold I used on the trim does make them stand out a little from my other Black Legion models. It’s definitely a darker, less red gold. For the varnish I used ‘Ard Coat and probably a bit too much of it. Even after a couple washes of Lahmian Medium the models still have some shiny areas. Kind of disappointing, but given how many sharp edges and points are on these models, I’d rather have them shiny than a bunch of areas with chipped off paint.

Another thing that sets the Warp Talons apart is the bases. I used the adapters to make the bases bigger and I also painted the ballast on the bases. My goal would be to eventually paint all my Black Legion bases as well as add adapters to them so all the models in the army have 32mm bases. That might be a project I do in chunks.

Black Legion army, 2,000 points

Speaking of my Black Legion army I’ve now got it to a point where I can run it as mainly Black Legion at 2,000 points. That’s nice since most of the folks in my area play the 2,000 point games. As you can see in the image above, it’s an infantry-heavy army. The army also doesn’t have a lot of anti-tank weaponry. I think that will be okay as most of the armies I’ve seen use fewer vehicles than I’ve seen in the past. I do have a couple units from what was my Khorne Daemonkin army and those are the only ones not strictly in Black Legion colors. Recent editions have used Khorne-flavored stuff in Black Legion images and gaming rules so I don’t consider them that out of place. When I eventually build and paint my third Obliterator, I’ll roll them in and take the Possessed and Raptors out.

As for the list itself, I’ve created an image of my BattleScribe file and you can view it here. Since the list is Battle-Forged, I’ll get 13 command points from it. The main tactic I’ll try with it to start is running the Warp Talons with the Raptors and Jump Pack Sorcerer as a sort of assassination cadre to take out specific elite and HQ units. I’ll keep the plasma gun squads advancing to take objectives as they will still be able to shoot. I’ll keep the basic Chaos Lord next to the Predator to give the to-hit buff. Other than that, I’ll have to see what the opponent brings and deploys to see how I’ll use the rest of the units. The model count is on the lower end for being a basic Chaos Space Marine army. I’m hoping some of the combinations with units and stratagems will make up for it.

The main thing I’ll worry about is facing an Imperial Knight or a more mechanized army. Not sure what I’ll do there, but that’s all part of playing the game. You can TheoryHammer the hell out of a list, but the moves you make (and your opponent makes) on the table can change just how effective your pre-game calculations are. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a game in sometime in the near future.

I’m continuing to work on other building and painting projects:

Plague Marines, 2nd squad, primed

I finally got those Plague Marines primed. They’ll be th next project.

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