Quick update on the Chaos psykers

Unfortunately I didn’t get to play today. The local Games Workshop was closed. But progress on my Chaos psykers is moving quickly. In fact, I got one of them to such a state of readiness that I expected to use him in a game. Alas, that was not to be. That gave me time to really complete him. So here is my newest Black Legion sorcerer:

Metal Sorcerer, completed, front

For whatever reason, primer seems to bond better with plastic than metal. That means both better adherence to the model and smoother, cleaner surfaces to paint. Also, the small details on the old metal models are just not that well done. Recesses in the new plastics are much deeper. That means the shades really help details pop on the newer models. On the metal ones, you still have to kinda “brute force” the highlights. It’s tedious and often frustrating.

Sounds like I’m not happy with this guy. eh? It’s just dyspepsia from not being able to play today. Actually, I’m fairly pleased with how he turned out. This was another model done in a much quicker and less painstaking fashion than normal. While I’m working at such a speed, I’m always anxious of the result. But I’ve found that I can get a pretty good result quickly. At least for single models.

Metal Sorcerer, completed, back

I already have one Sorcerer for my Black Legion army, but given how powerful psykers can be in 8th edition, I really did want to have at least two. I’ve got a couple ideas on strategy for running both of them, so I’m anxious to get them on the table. Hopefully I’ll be able to play this week.

Malignant Plaguecaster, base coat

The other model on my bench right now is the Malignant Plaguecaster for the Death Guard. I really need to figure a way to get him into my regular Death Guard army. It’s already at 2,000 points, so I’m not sure where I can nip and tuck to fit him in. I’d rather not drop my Daemon Prince or Typhus, but one or the other might have to go. We’ll see I suppose. I may just wait for the Death Guard codex before making any firm decisions.

The immediate goal is to get the Plaguecaster done in the next couple of days. Since he’s a psyker, her counts double for completion points. And Chaos can use all the help they can get in the Konor campaign.

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