Work-in-progress Wednesday: “completed” today

Got this Helbrute in under the wire. I didn’t take pictures of the “in-progress” portion because my free time was taken up actually painting this model. That said, I was able to get it in under the wire to my local Games Workshop store and register it as a completion for the campaign. The local manager counts three colors and a base as “done” and I went well past that here:

New Helbrute, completed, front

This Helbrute is, of course, from the old Dark Vengeance set. I decided to paint him up in World Eater colors, so I can add to that army. I mean, shouldn’t every proper World Eaters army have at least one Helbrute? Only seems natural to me. Anyway, I’ve got to give it to the “base coat, then shade” method Duncan uses on Warhammer TV. It gets models done fast, and they actually look fairly good. Really, the shades are the key. Of all the moves GW has made with their paints range, the addition of the shades is a huge, huge benefit. You don’t have to really dilute them (unlike the old inks) and they really do flow into recesses well.

New Helbrute, completed, back

While I did count this one as “complete” for the campaign, I probably will go back and “update” him with some highlights after the campaign is done. There are a few portions of the skin that I think would benefit, and the horns and feet/claws really need to have highlights. Honestly, I was never really a fan of this model, but as I’ve been painting him, he’s kinda grown on me. And he should add some good anti-vehicle power to my World Eaters.

And a partial preview of next week…

Metal Sorcerer

This guy has been sitting in my Tub-o-models for a long time. And since psykers are the next week’s featured unit, I figure I’ll paint him and the Plaguecaster up to add some victory points to Chaos! I won’t start on them until the official campaign week starts. Hope I can get them both done.

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