WIP Wednesday: Dark Angels tactical squad

I’ve done a little more work on my Dark Angels. Going back over the greens, reds, and tans after doing the shading took a lot longer than I thought. I finally got it done a couple days ago and now have started the highlighting work. So far, I’ve only done the squad markings, boltgun casings, and the purity seal wax.

Dark Angels squad, first highlights

That’s because I started doing the green armor highlight only to realize I had the wrong color green for it. You can see this on the far left Dark Angel marine in the picture. I’ve been using the Vallejo Game Color paint for the armor, and instead of using Sick Green as the first highlight, I used Goblin Green.

I finished one arm, both hands, and the helmet area before I realized it wasn’t right. The model has the start of a really bad “Tron effect,” though in green instead of blue. But since I don’t have a tube of Sick Green, I’m going to have to go out and get some tomorrow.

That said, I did have the proper colors to start highlighting my reds for this Dark Angels squad. I’ve also got the colors to do the chest eagles and the parchment.

I’m hoping the highlight work will go quickly, because I’m really itching to get these guys on bases.

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