Painting update: Darker Dark Angels

I’ve had to divide my free time over the last week between reading up on 8th edition and doing a little painting. I got the new Dark Imperium starter box, and I’ve enjoyed going through the contents. I’ll post up my thoughts on int at a later date. Even with the excitement of the new edition, I’ve tried not to neglect my painting.

Dark Angels squad, shaded

Work continues on my Dark Angels. I finished up the last of the base coat details on the squad and the company master. I then applied some shade in the form of Nuln Oil. The squad is now a bit darker than it was and I think the shade has really helped define all the details on these Dark Angel models.

I was a little worried about putting the Nuln Oil over the white paint of the chapter badge, but I think it actually came out reasonably well. The shade did make the Khorne Red on the gun casings and the squad badges quite a bit darker. I intend to go back over the red areas, and some of the green areas, with the respective colors. I may also do a coat of white on the chapter badge.

On the Dark Angels company master, I used Agrax Earthshade on the tan robe areas instead of Nuln Oil. I’m hoping that will give a better looking end result.

Dark Angels Company Master, shaded

I’m also going to do a dark metallic undercoat on the sword, then do a blue glaze on it. I was thinking of doing a true non-metallic metal, but I’ve kind of chickened out. I’ll try this and see how it works. If it’s bad, I may go back over it in NMM. We’ll see.

Once I do the retouches of the areas I mentioned earlier, I’ll have the Dark Angels at about the same level as the Dark Vengeance tutorials Games Workshop put out. However, my intention is to take these models at least one more level up.

Next up for these Dark Angels models will be the highlights. With so many details on the company master, I’m worried it will take a while. Hopefully I’ll move along quicker than I expect. But I would like to get a game of 8th edition in this weekend. There never seems to be quite enough time.

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