Enter the Dark Angels

I’ve been a Chaos player and painter in Warhammer 40,000 for a long time now. I started with Chaos Space Marines in third edition, and when Chaos Daemons were split off and given their own codex, I had enough to field a small force of them. I can’t quite say exclusively, because I did start a Crimson Fists force several years ago, but only got a 10-man tactical squad and an HQ unit finished. But after finishing the last squad in my Khorne Daemonkin army, I decided it was time to give loyalists another shot. So here we are:

Dark Angels, first squad, primedThese, of course, are some of the Dark Angels models from the soon-to-be outmoded Dark Vengeance set. This is the squad I had been thinking about starting this force for a while now. With the advent of 8th edition, and having my previous armies in a state of “completion,” I figured it was a good time to dive back in to the Imperial end of the pool.

Why start Dark Angels and not continue the Crimson Fists? Well, I actually have a couple reasons.

First, I have two of the Dark Vengeance sets. I originally bought them for the Chaos Space Marines models. However, that also left me with a nice starter force for Dark Angels. They already have the chapter and squad markings molded onto the models, and with the creation of the Dark Angels upgrade pack, that would mean I could skip the water transfer step of the building and painting process for most, if not all, of the power armor marines.

The second reason has to do with what Games Workshop is doing with Space Marines in 8th edition. The introduction of the Primaris Marines brings a new, larger size Space Marine model to the game. I know GW has said these new models will not supplant the current Space Marine models; they can even be their own force. But consider that the new Death Guard Chaos Space Marine models are also resized, nearly the same size as the Primaris Marines:

Marine size comparison

As you can see, both of the new models are clearly larger than the current Space Marine models. That makes me suspicious that the Primaris Marines will eventually become the new standard Space Marine models. Probably not this edition, but maybe in a future 9th or 10th edition. And if so, I’d rather have my Crimson Fist force be in that size of model. Yes, that will mean the Dark Angels will be in the smaller size, but I’m fine with that for now, especially since the current Space Marine models match the Dark Vengeance set.

Anyway, I am looking forward to building and painting up this Dark Angels force. I have pretty much all the models I need for it, so it will just be a matter of building and painting. Also, I intend to use the Sector Imperialis bases for these models, rather than the ones they are supplied with. The covers of the third edition and fourth edition codices loom large in my mind when I think of Dark Angels, so I often picture them in that cathedral/urban setting.

I intend to include at least one land speeder, a couple razorbacks, and a couple drop pods as vehicles. That’s in addition to what’s from the Dark Vengeance set. I’ll have to get my hands on the new rules before I go any further on decisions about what to include. Watch this space for updates!

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