An overdue exordium

At the extreme risk of being trite, I say greetings! If you’ve happened into this site, hopefully it was in search of war gaming content, particularly of the Warhammer 40,000 variety. That’s the focus of this site and blog, though I’ll likely venture into other war games, and even styles of games from time to time. But largely, this web site/blog is to create some sort of chronicle of my journey in war gaming going forward.

Now, I say “going forward” because I’ve been gaming for a long time, much longer than blogs have been around. Long ago, so to speak, I tried creating a war gaming website back in the heady days of HTML 3.2 (grumble, grumble). I was in college at the time, and was teaching myself that version of HTML, and decided I’d make a page dedicated to BattleTech. That was my war game of choice back then. I mused about next making an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons page. I think I stuck with it about four weeks. The site, I mean, not BattleTech or HTML. Like so many personal pages of the time, it was abandoned, and eventually even wiped from the ruins of Geocities. My personal page is still accessible via the Geocities archive, but I’m not linking to that embarrassment.

Suffice to say, here I am nearly two decades later, embarking on another attempt at putting a record of my exploits in table top gaming into cyberspace. My goal is to use this site both as a record and a motivation to not only be active in the hobby but also think through my ideas about war gaming, 40K in particular.

For you, I hope you’ll find a little bit of entertainment here as I fumble about posting, painting, and gaming. And I’d love to get your feedback, whatever it may be, in the comments. I believe in learning through dialogue, so I hope to hear from you.

In closing, thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll be a regular!

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