Played my first game of Kill Team; Crimson Fists make their debut

Well, you had to know I’d eventually remember I have a wargaming blog, right? The holidays were busy, of course, with shopping for gifts for immediate and extended family and trips to see out-of-state family. But I also managed time to do some hobby-related work, as well as get in a couple of games. I’ll try to get to all of it in the coming days. To start things off, I played my first game of Kill Team at a local shop. I call it ‘The Battle of Christmas Town.’

Kill Team, opening turn
“I told you to get behind the tree!”

My opponent played a Harlequin troupe, though she had to use some Dark Angel proxies as she hadn’t brought her Eldar models. That was all fine and good with me. I’d not had a chance to play Kill Team yet, or really even look at the rules for it, so I was mainly interested in just getting my feet wet. I’m all for the heuristic gaming approach!

For myself, I decided to take my long neglected Crimson Fist models. They’ve been languishing for years, and may never make it to the proper size of a real army. But Kill Team presented an opportunity to get them on the table. So after determining who would go first and table, sides, we deployed and started playing. It’s hard to make out in the pics, but I arranged my Marines in a staggered echelon – kind of a refused flank. I thought it might allow me to do some baiting and bring my opponents models into some lanes of focused fire, as I really love to play video games which is a big industry now, if you want to learn more about the igaming industry, you can also go online to find some really good information about this.

Kill Team, start of turn two

One of the fun things about the table that day was that the terrain was all Christmas-related. Indeed, there were fully decorated Christmas trees on the table. So the game was less grim-dark and more jolly-dark. Anyway, in the first turn, my opponent mainly just surged her forces forward as she was angling to get in close combat. My turn was spent targeting the closest couple of Harlies, amd I was able to bring them down. In the next turn, my opponent  tried to hug some terrain with a few of her models, but there was little she could do. Her shooting did bring down a Marine.

My next turn, I again focused fire, but this time, I went for the Troupe master. Once again, shooting was a success. I also managed to take down an additional Harlie.

Kill Team, turn three

Now the Crimson Fists really had the vile xenos on the ropes. The next shooting phase didn’t go well for the Harlies, but my opponent did manage to get a couple guys into close combat. Unfortunately, the Harlies failed to perform. My turn saw more shooting and counter charges, with my boys doing well. And by the end of the fourth turn, I had tabled my opponent. Yes sir, in their table top debut, the Crimson Fists scored a victory! Santa’s workshop was saved, though sadly Sam the Snowman was slain. He had a voice that was strong and loud, and we’ll miss him.

Kill Team, Crimson Fists
“Maybe we shouldn’t have pushed out so far….”

In all, it was a fun game, and a different way to enjoy 40k. That said, I can certainly see how, within this rule set, you will see stronger a weaker armies. Perhaps even more so than in full 40k games. Now, we just played a dogfight mission, and maybe some of the objective-based missions mitigate unit weaknesses to some degree, but I just don’t see a way around the fact that some units are very well suited for this type game and others aren’t.

Maybe Games Workshop will address this in the future. I’d hope so, but we’ll just have to see.

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