Quick painting update: Maulerfiend

I’m making progress on my other Maulerfiend and I now have all the base coats on. This phase of painting is the one I always feel is the longest, just because I end up having to go back and make so many corrections with paint going to places I didn’t intend.

First Maulerfiend, with base coats

With this one, I feel I was able to improve my technique a bit. That may sound strange from someone who’s been at this for so long (13 years, off and on), but my basing technique has always been a little slapdash, especially when thinning the paints.

Before, I just mixed with differing amounts of water, which could make paints like Blood Red (and it’s clones) look patchy. This time I measured out consistent portions of Evil Sunz Scarlet for the armor plates and Bugman’s Glow for the fleshy parts. I then mixed the same amount of Vallejo Thinner Medium each time I painted. This meant I was always using the exact same recipe every time I painted a section the same color, and when I applied second coats. I ended up with a smoother and more consistent color across the model than I have before. And I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Now the question is: will this matter much after I get through the shading and highlighting phases? Will there be a visible, more eye-pleasing result? My guess is that it will only be a difference at the margins, so to speak. But I’ll be happy even with a small improvement as I think the extra time spent getting a consistent mix was minimal. We’ll soon see.

For now, it’s off to apply the shades!

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