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Well, after completing my Call of Chaos vow, I went back to working on my Khorne Daemonkin units. In this case, it’s my two Maulerfiends. They were part of another painting challenge I failed to complete, but I’ve made headway now. One of them is just in the priming stage:

First Maulerfiend, primed

The other I have actually completed. You probably notice that the lasher tendrils are off the model above. If you remember from my last post about these guys, I magnetized the changeable components. You can probably even see part of the magnet in the socket there on the side. I have to say, I really am glad I took the time to magnetize these guys. From a painting perspective, it’s nice because there are areas that would be hard to get to with a brush, but that are still very much visible. Being able to remove intervening parts has been really convenient.

So that first one isn’t much to look at right now. But I’m pretty pleased with how my other one has turned out. It took a while to complete, which shouldn’t be surprising given the level of detail on these models.

The red turned out much smoother-looking than I expected. Slathering on some Nuln Oil not only helped darken the red, but gave it a bit of a grimy look, which is what I wanted. I just imagine the exhaust pipes on its flanks putting out a lot of dirty smoke and soot, and it seems that some of that should be reflected in discoloration of the model. The gold trim was another Blighted Gold/Liberator Gold base and highlight. I like the combination here even better than on the troop models. I think it gives the trim a little illusion of luster.

One thing I sort of skipped was doing any sort of glow from the exhaust pipes. I went back and fourth about it, because the glow effect is a technique I’ve never really tried yet, but I want to learn. However, by the time I got around to finishing the model up, I was ready to just be finished painting it. It is something I can add at a later time, but honestly, I think the model looks fine without it.

I do like how the basing additions turned out. The old chapel debris and the cork board I think give the impression that the fiends have just smashed something. Which is what they are supposed to do.

The one thing that worries me with these models is the attachment stability to the base. The Maulerfiends are really only connected to the base through their rear feet. Everything else that might otherwise be free to pull off. We’ll see when I start carting them around I guess. Hopefully the Maulerfiends won’t be squeaky wheels needing glue.

As always, thank you for looking!


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