Quick update: Chaos Lord

I’m making progress on my Call of Chaos vow. My Black Legion Chaos Lord is getting near the finish line, and I’m pleased with how he’s turning out.

Black Legion Chaos Lord, near completion, front
“Almost there….”

The Dark Vengeance model has some pretty intricate detail. At the same time, so of the details are fused to other parts of the model in weird ways. For example, the claws on the pelt draped over his back. Other models in the Dark Vengeance set have similar issues, where one piece is connected to another completely different piece (again, e.g., the plasma gun of the biker fused to the shoulder guard). That said, it has been a challenge to decide how to tackle some of the details. I took inspiration from the GW pictures of the studio Kranon model. But other details, I tried my own color scheme.

Black Legion Chaos Lord, near completion, back


I went with red for the (chaos?) starburst motif on his cape rather than gold, as I wanted it to stand out from the armor trim. In a break from my other Black Legion stuff, I used the Blighted Gold/Liberator Gold combination on the armor trim this time. I think it worked well, but didn’t pop as much as it does on my Khorne Daemonkin marines. Because there was so much detail on this model, I actually went out and got one of those desktop magnifying lamps with LEDs. It took a little getting used the but it really did help me see more of the model.  When I do more of the Dark Vengeance Chaos models, I’ll definitely use it again – as well as for any other models with tiny, intricate details.

There are a few areas on the model I want to clean up before I move on to the base. But I’m expecting to have him done sometime in the next day. That’ll be good for my vow, as it will mean I’m halfway done, and we’re not even to the challenge midpoint yet!

And thanks again for reading!

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